St. Mary’s Education Society with its aim of quality and value based education is run by the Catholic Diocese of Ahmedabad. Under this society, St. Mary’s High School runs both English and Gujarati Medium, according to Gujarat State Education Board (G.S.E.B) syllabus. The School renders its service not only to Christian Minority Community but also to all the communities without any discrimination of colour, caste or creed. The catholic students are given a suitable course of religious instructions while the students of other faiths are taught value education to make them aware of their duties to God and to their fellowmen.

St. Mary’s High School prepares the students to qualify for the Secondary and Higher Secondary School Certificates (S.S.C & H.S.C common stream). Besides the academic excellence, the integral personality development of the students is given priority. The main aim of the school is to impart quality education, moral character, social and environmental awareness to make them good citizen of modern India so that they are ready to cope up with the challenges of the rapidly changing world.


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