Admissions and withdrawals

  • The students are normally admitted to the school in the beginning of the academic year i.e. June.
  • New admission may be made if there is a vacancy.
  • No admission is complete unless the leaving certificate from the last recognized school is produced. In case of Christian, the baptism certificate is also to be produced.
  • The principal has the right to refuse any application without giving any reason for the same.
  • No leaving certificate will be issued unless it is applied by the parent in the form prescribed in the school hand book, all the dues have been cleared and all the library books have been returned.

School Handbook

  • Every student must have the copy of the school handbook which must be preserved carefully and brought to school daily.
  • Daily homework, lessons and reports, if any, should be noted in the handbook.
  • A student must get the specimen signature of the parent/guardian on the prescribed page and return to the class teacher. More over obtain the parent’s signature as and when required on various pages of the handbook failing which the student will not be allowed to sit in the class.

School Uniform

  • All the students must come to school in proper uniform everyday however the primary students are allowed to wear free dress on Wednesdays.
  • The identity card should be brought to school daily and produced on demand.

School Fees

  • The school has two terms

     First term: June to October
     Second term: November to May

  • Those who do not pay the fees in time will be required to pay the late fee.
  • Students who have not paid their fees will not be allowed to appear for the Annual examinations.

School Hours

  • K. G. Section: 8 A.M to 11 A.M (Saturday: Holiday)
  • St. Mary’s English Medium: 7.15 A.M to 12.15 P.M
  • St Mary’s High School: 7.30 A. M to 12.50 P.M
  • R. C. Mission Primary School and Nirmal Miriam Primary School: 12.15 P.M. to 5.30 P. M
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school compound during the school hours without the permission of the respective principal.

General discipline

  • Students are expected to maintain discipline inside and outside the class rooms.
  • No student is allowed to bring mobile or any other such instrument except study materials.

Co-curricular activities

  • Students are expected to take part actively in the co-curricular activities of the school during the year.
  • No student will be exempted from the physical exercise and games without doctor’s medical certificate.


  • Complete silence and order must be maintained in the library.
  • Books are issued only to the students and staff of St. Mary’s School.
  • Maximum two books will be issued at a time and that too for a particular period of time.
  • Students will return all the library books before the final examination.


Three examinations are conducted during the academic year. The first terminal examination, the second terminal examination and the annual examination.

  • Students who remain absent for any examination without grave reason will not be promoted.
  • Answer papers of the annual examination will not be shown to the students or the parents.
  • Students failing twice in the same standard will be asked to discontinue from the school.


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